Frequently Asked Questions - Mini Bin Service

FAQs - Mini Bin Service

Depends on the size of the bin. Our bin rentals are on a minimum 3 day agreement.  The price is determined on the amount of junk, type of material being removed, driving distance and volume and weight of material being placed in the bin.

We need two days notice.  We will do our best to accommodate you.  We will hold a bin for you if it is ordered in advance. 

We charge an extra $15.00/day up to a maximum of 7 days. It is up to the customer to call for a pick up date.

Call us and we will get you a bin as soon as possible, so that there is no down time, and you can continue to work. You will have to pay the same price for the second container.  Our business works on pricing per bin, and is based on delivery/pick up expenses, and dumping fees which we pay.        

Bins will be dropped the day before the bin rental or early A.M. as we require a deposit and signature at time of delivery.

Before 5pm on day of pick-up.

Dirt and soil, Broken concrete blocks, and clay bricks, asphalt nothing can be mixed. All clean fill must be kept separate.

Fridges, freezers, microwaves, stoves, washer, dryers , tires, paints, cleaners household chemicals.

Yes, our drivers are skilled and able to place all bins on any driveway as long as there are no objects in the way.

NO it has to stay on your property.

Yes we can on level ground but Town and Country is not responsible for any damage that is done to the lawn.  It is up to our drivers to refuse to place the bin on soft ground or anywhere that is not safe.

We require a pre-authorized deposit which depends on the size of bin you are requesting. We have Master Card, Visa American Express, Cash and Debit are also available.  We require someone to be home when the bin is dropped off, as we require a signature on the rental agreement.

All materials must be loaded, at or below top of bin with no overhanging items.

We will place wood blocks under bins to protect surface- it is suggested that for extra protection the customer can place plywood on the ground.