Rental Agreement


Town and Country will place our mini bins for the customer at said address for the customer to use to dispose of all the customers solid waste and recyclable material for the term of this agreement. Customer agrees to the following charges and will pay for BIN RENTAL (calculated on a 3 day rental)+TIPPING FEES+ TAXES any extra day rentals will be calculated at $15.00/per day up to a maximum of 7 days. It is the customers’ responsibility to call and confirm in advance for extra day rental availability. Do not attempt to move bins. This includes attempts with backhoes, forklifts or tractors. Excessive bin damage will be charged back to the customer on a time and material basis. Call our office if bin needs to be relocated. Standby and relocation charges will apply. It is the responsibility of the customer to call when the bin needs to be emptied. Please call for available service days - 1-705-939-2335.


All bin rentals require a deposit before they are dropped at the required location. We require a pre-authorized credit card deposit, as each bin comes with a maximum weight allowance which is built into our deposit cost. Before the content of a bin is disposed they are weighed, Town and Country Mini Bin pays a fixed amount per ton for the disposal (tipping fee). In the event a bin is over the maximum weight, we must be able to charge our customers for the extra weight, as we are billed for it ourselves. Unfortunately, due to some unscrupulous customers who overloaded bins, we have been forced to put into place our existing credit card policy. Your credit card is not run through the system until we get your exact tipping weight in place. Your card is then charged accordingly and shown on your statement Rental Fee+Tipping fee+ Tax.

If you have a dispute over the amount Town and Country Mini Bins have charged to your credit card then the following steps are in place. Obtain a copy of your credit card statement, which contains the charges you are disputing, cross out any personal items on the statement and send it to us. We will review our records and if there has been an error we will credit your account within 5 days. Customers who would like to see original documentation of the charges to their account are welcome to request via email or fax.


Bins must be placed on level, smooth hard surfaces with clear access for the truck to back in. Bins must be located away from overhead power and other lines. We will place wood blocks under bins to protect surface. It is suggested that for extra protection the customer may place plywood on the area where the bin is to be placed. It is suggested that the best area to place bins is on the driveway. If we have to place your bin on the lawn we are not responsible for any damage that comes about due to where the bin is placed. If bin is to be picked up and we cannot get in safely and remove bin due to ie ground being wet or objects in the way you will be charged an extra day rental fee. Driver may refuse to pick up bin that is overloaded and extra charges will also apply. All materials must be loaded evenly, at or below top of bin with no overhanging items. If overhanging occurs additional charges will apply.


Household waste includes: carpets, doors, glass, food waste, recycled waste, lawn chairs, lamps, dishes, tables, books, tiles, drywall, shingles scrap metal, yard waste, any product that may stick to bin ie caulking, mortar must be bagged.

What is Clean Fill? Concrete, asphalt, dirt, sod, gravel, brick must be kept separate from each other.


The following waste is considered hazardous waste and is not acceptable: oil, any type of paint, chemicals aerosol cans, propane tanks, computer components, fridges/freezers with components .